Thursday, March 14, 2013


I rarely, so rarely, dream about transit.  There must be absolutely no unmet need in my head for transit that I should have to dream about it.  But I do dream about buses occasionally, and when I dream about them, it's usually about some ridiculous change that got made that I'm relieved didn't actually get made when I wake up.

Last week I dreamed that there was a big factory somewhere out west (but not too far west) that had its employees work on Sunday and wanted them to have access to transit.  Since there was no transit service there on Sundays, UTA's solution was to have the 516 run Tuesday through Sunday, with the previous Saturday service falling on Sundays.  In part of my dream, I saw, as though I were flying through the air, the 516 bus sign at Ballpark, with another sign under it that said "No 516 on Monday."

I admit to feeling, in the dream, a significant amount of consternation about this decision, but I found myself unable to air my complaints in any sort of setting where a reversal of the change could be effected.  Then I woke up, relieved that such a silly plan had not, in fact, been put in place.

I told commutergirl about it, and naturally she spent all morning laughing about it.  And posted it on Facebook.  It's okay, I like the attention.

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