Monday, March 25, 2013


I've mentioned, more times than I care to mention, on this blog that you should never assume things about people you see on buses and trains.  Or anywhere else, now that I mention it.

Last Thursday, commutergirl and I were on the Red Line coming home from childbirth (!) class.  At one of the several University stops (it was dark, and honestly I don't pay attention until Little Miss Matter of Fact says "Central Pointe, 21st South.  Exit here for Green Line trains to West Valley." at which point I become very alert and perspicacious) two guys and a girl got on, chatting with each other amiably.  I assumed they were all probably just friends, chatting amiably and having a pleasant evening on the way home from class.  Until the girl got off, at which point the two guys proceeded to not look at each other or talk to each other all the way to Central Pointe (when I became perspicacious; did I already mention that?).  Oh.  Well, you guys should still be friends.

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