Tuesday, March 12, 2013


and now CNN says it too:


Commuting on transit is more enjoyable.  And if anyone had any right to complain about their commute, I think I did.

For the last seven years, I have read, texted, composed, or daydreamed at my leisure on my way to work or school.  And even when work was two-and-a-half hours' journey from school, I used the time productively.  I don't care to admit how many times when I left for school I had not finished (or started!) my homework due that day and still managed to turn it in, because I spent the whole bus trip frantically punching numbers into a TI-83 and scribbling the results on an engineering pad, instead of watching the tail lights in front of mine to make sure they were not getting too close.  It doesn't matter that it took an hour longer, sometimes.  I still got more done in the day than if I had driven.

I've been saying it for years.  And I'll keep on saying it.

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