Wednesday, March 6, 2013


No, that's not sarcasm in the title.  I really mean it.

Having commuted through northern Utah County for a year and a half on an under-construction freeway, I can honestly say that I think it was well done.  They managed to redo the whole freeway, and many on- and off-ramps thereunto appertaining, all while maintaining at least three lanes open in both directions (and often more), and providing a level of service such that I only got stopped in traffic a couple of times all year (one of those was on the way to a job interview . . .).  As scary as major freeway construction sounds, and as much bad as everyone had to say about it, I-15 CORE was the best freeway construction I've ever lived through.

The fact that I will never see the freeway again doesn't mean that I don't think it was well done.

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