Saturday, April 27, 2013


It seems like every time I'm gone for a week (whether to Mesa Verde or to the hospital) the colors of the bus header change.  Last time they went from blue to purple, and this time they went from purple to green.

I feel much better about green than I did about purple.  I feel like the green "pops" out at you in such a way as to make you think "Hey! A bus is coming!" much better than the purple did.  The purple was easy enough to see in the dark (say, on the 200 inbound at 6:11 a.m. all winter . . .), but it almost disappeared during a bright sunny day.  The green is pretty much always visible, except maybe on the '11 ski buses, where you can't really see anything ever.  Though I'm pretty sure I saw an '11 ski bus at Central the other day that was pretty easy to read.

You may wonder why I care so much about what color the writing on a front of a bus is.  But, believe me, if a significant portion of your comfort and happiness depended on being able to divine the presence of a bus coming down the road late at night, you'd want it to be a color that "pops," too.

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  1. Yeah, I think the last five or six '11 ski buses delivered (11025/26-30) have headers that are actually bright enough for the average human eye to properly read. The rest are just incongruously dark. I'd know because they put several '11s on the 209 on change day. While the 223 has a '12. So there's that.