Friday, April 12, 2013


We knew this was going to happen, but it's still a little surreal.

I'm sitting in the hospital right now, waiting for the nurse to bring me some Ambien.

Mmm, Ambien.

(Lifelong insomniac speaking)

We found out this week about some complications with the pregnancy; nothing serious, but the baby kind of needs to be out in the world now.  So here we are.  Nobody's too worried.

(Of course we're worried)

With any luck, my child will be born on the day the Airport Line opens.  Do me proud, kid.

I have several blog posts rolling around in my head; stupid drivers and pedestrians continue to abound all around me, for example.  I may or may not get around to posting them in the near future.  We'll be otherwise occupied in the very near future.

For now, it's time to sleep.

Mmm, sleep.

(Sleep will be at a premium in the weeks and months to come)

See you on the other side.


  1. Do yourself a favor. The nurses are going to offer to take the baby into the nursery so you can sleep. They'll tell you that you'll have plenty of time to stay up and lose sleep in the weeks and months to come, and that while they're available, it makes sense to let them take care of the baby. Don't let them do it. One of my favorite memories of me and my son is when I kept him and he slept on my chest for hours while I half-slept (I laid down and held him and sort of went to sleep, but didn't dare go fully to sleep lest I somehow hurt him!). We let them take my daughter, and that was fine, but I regret it.

    1. I agree 100%, for what it's worth.

      I'm so happy for you guys! You'll be in my prayers today.

  2. Congratulations- and I hope all goes well

  3. Congrats!! Praying everything goes okay.
    It's okay if they take the baby to the nursery. I felt bad letting them do it, but that's the only 3 hour block of sleep I had for weeks, I wish I would have used the nursery more. But, do what you want.. you will be getting lots of advice!