Wednesday, April 24, 2013


From time to time, people who are looking for date ideas in Provo will ask me where a good place to go peoplewatching on the bus is.  If we're in Provo, I usually tell them to take the 811, since I've often had good peoplewatching on my intercounty commutes, but if we're in Salt Lake, I might start recommending Millcreek TRAX Station.

Millcreek always seems to have the most interesting assortment of people, unlike Meadowbrook, which, while less than a mile to the south, only ever seems to contain people who look down at their feet and really wish the 39 would come.  (Notable exception here)

For example, on the same day when I rode the bus where old people don't sit by each other, I found myself in need of the 33.  As I was walking from the TRAX platform at Milcreek onto the bus platform, I heard a woman behind me start speaking in a projecting voice.

I don't know if you know this,

(she said)

but I used to be a reptile.


I got changed into human form three years ago.

(you've done remarkably well, considering)

I did it because I love you.

(thank you)

But I could change back into a reptile at any time.

(tell me more)

It sounded like she was talking on the phone with someone, or at least talking to someone, but I saw no evidence of either corporeal or digital conversation partners.  On the other hand, I did observe that her makeup was pale, almost white, with heavy eyeliner, which did give her sort of a reptilian air.  I guess you just never know.

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  1. I spend a fair amount of time on Trax and at stations (admittedly, primarily Meadowbrook as opposed to Millcreek), but I do not have nearly as stimulating conversations. Yesterday, I got to tell 2 people within 2 minutes that the fastest way to Ogden from Meadowbrook was to actually head south to Murray Central and catch FrontRunner there instead of heading north and catching it at Salt Lake Central. I was very helpful. But, alas, no one threatened me with transmogrification. However, I have pulled 2 people off the tracks with Trax quickly approaching (once at Ballpark and once at the U), so maybe that makes up for it.