Monday, April 29, 2013


It goes both ways, guys.

  • While not all buses are on time, and it remains frustrating to no end when they are not on time, the bus in general is much, much better on time now than when I started riding in 2003.
  • I can't imagine that the same people who light up the sky with rage when a bus or train is late are on time to EVERYTHING . . . even I'm not on time for everything, though I must admit that "the bus was late" is a rock-solid excuse (unless the person you're talking to was checking a tracking app just after they got off the phone with you; don't be that person).
  • I still think UTA is a really good deal.  More on that soon.

1 comment:

  1. What I mostly dislike is when people just exaggerate like none other and then people are like, oh man, she must have it rough.

    Um, honey. You must be using the wrong schedule. Or doing something that's just as dense. No bus is going to be ten minutes early. It makes good material for your status, yeah, but it's dishonest.

    I was really tempted to expose her as a fraud but then I didn't. Whatevs.