Friday, May 31, 2013


Ever since UTA released their data for people to make transit apps, people have been making a lot of transit apps.  My favorite is; I guess I just like the way it looks best.  It shows me lots of buses and trains, when they're coming, what serial number they are, and whether they are on time or not (actually, all the apps show that, but I guess I just like the way this one looks best).  And sometimes, it shows me things that bring me mirth.

I can only guess that bus #10037, tired of the confines of the 21, decided to break free of its normal route and head for the mountains.  Or it simply had an identity crisis and briefly thought it was a 21 when it was, in fact, a 354.  If it was the first one, I'd sure hate to be a passenger on that bus (though I would like to see the passengers' faces when it took off down I-215).

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