Friday, May 10, 2013


First of all, Baby!


commutergirl's mom was in town, because, Baby!


Because her ride was me, I recommended that she take public transportation as often as possible, and she quickly learned the ins and outs of the system, even planning her own bus/TRAX outings on more than one occasion.

As part of her travels to visit other relatives, she even planned a trip on FrontRunner.  All was well until we realized that her plans behooved her to travel on Sunday.

FrontRunner doesn't run on Sunday.  Poop.

The next hour was spent researching other options.  The Salt Lake Shuttle would have cost over four times as much as FrontRunner.  A rental car was more expensive still, but that was the option we went with because it was more convenient.  But we were all sad she didn't get to take FrontRunner.

Based on this experience, I will hear no more talk of how expensive FrontRunner is.  It's more than I'd like to pay, too, but there are far more expensive options to get around.

Also, FrontRunner should run on Sundays.  Just saying.


  1. Considering other commuter rail services (like Portland's WES) only run during weekday peak hours, I'd say we have it pretty good with FrontRunner. But limited Sunday service wouldn't hurt, either. (Which reminds me: I stumbled upon these schedules, certainly erroneous, the other day. Odd.)

    Also. It's already time for change day hearings. Where does the time fly?

    1. I know, I shouldn't whine. We really do have it good with FrontRunner. It still would have been nice :)

      My experience with "secret schedules" on the UTA website is limited, but seems to indicate internal sorts of things, like the 501 before it was public, or the time I found "Route F103" on the website: it had only the description "Paratransit," and when I clicked on the schedule, it only had two timepoints, both called "Riverside Garage," about 4 hours apart. As close to a Paratransit schedule as UTA has, though they certainly don't publish it! I also found a map for Route F868 before it started service, which discombombulated me greatly. I would have guessed that the Sunday trips on FrontRunner are return trips to the yard that don't carry passengers, except that I thought the late-night Saturday trips were already that. Who knows?

      I have thoughts about the Utah County public hearings in particular (being partial to that region of transit anyway), but Baby has me all tired out today, so I'll have to visit those later. Cheers!

    2. Understandable. I'll offer my thoughts at that time as well! But while I'm here: the Red Line's schedule is also odd all of a sudden (too lazy/tired to look up how to format URLs).

      Also, ten points for Gryffindor for using "discombobulate" in a sentence.