Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, there was a public hearing in Provo tonight, about a number of changes to the bus service in Utah County.  Normally, I'd be there, salivating in front of maps and haranguing the planners until they say things like, "Anyone besides me would be happy to answer that for you." 

(It's been a few years, but that's pretty close to the actual quote.)

However, I am not there (obviously, because it's 9:30 and the hearing got over at 7:30).  I did not go today.  I am at home with my wife and baby, because, after a serious discussion with my wife about the matter, we determined that it was too much for me to be gone at work all day AND going down to Provo all night.  So I bit the bullet; I did it for my wife and child.  If anyone went to the hearing tonight, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

In conjunction with having a baby, and sending pictures to grandparents, and having a coal-fired camera whose USB cable I lost a while ago, it became necessary to buy a USB memory card reader from Best Buy (you should have seen how excited the sales associate was to sell me one; I don't think they're a popular item).  This has also facilitated the upload of a lot of gratuitous pictures from my phone onto my hard drive (I also have a coal-fired phone . . .).  I offer some of them to you now.  I do have a big adventure-type post in the works, but the amount of time I spend at home NOT holding a baby is small, and diminishing, so it may take a while to finish.  Until then, gratuitous pictures.

Today's installment is the let's-post-a-picture-of-winter-when-it's-not-winter-anymore picture for this year.  This was taken back when it snowed and froze and snowed and froze and snowed again, leading to the accumulation of gratuitous amounts of snow all over, especially at transit stops.

To get on a bus, I either had to walk around the snowdrift or over it.  Eventually it got so hard that I could just stand on top of it; I had two footholes worn into the top.  I must have been quite the sight, standing atop the snowdrift in dress pants, but no bus driver ever could have accused me of not being visible enough.

Also, my phone tells me this picture was taken at 7:33 a.m.  I don't miss winter right now.

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