Thursday, May 16, 2013


I find it a little amusing that the article title references "Young Americans" and the first person they talk about is 42.  Then again, I guess I'm not as young as I used to be--it's all a matter of perspective.

Anyway, it is true that more people from the rising generation are taking transit than their predecessors.  Detractors state that it is probably because of the recession or because people haven't settled down yet, but I gently beg to differ.  The price of driving is not going to go down in the near future, perhaps ever, and as more and more people discover that transit really does work for them, transit is only going to get better.

Now, the next generation?  Who knows?  Maybe they'll all want to drive cars to rebel against us!  Maybe in 50 years environmental studies will talk about the benefits of single-occupancy vehicles over crowded trains.  So be it (if indeed it so be).  I'll be a stodgy old man who takes transit.  But if not, I'll see you on the bus someday.

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