Monday, May 6, 2013


I am at least as excited about the birth of my son as any of you are.

To commemorate the occasion, I printed off a paper with the title


accompanied by a photo and his full name, and put it up on my cubicle wall.

My son has a perfectly normal name.  But several of my coworkers, reading the title of the picture, misconstrued it, thinking I had named my child "Busninja," a weird, possibly foreign, definitely-trying-to-be-trendy-and-unique name.  Several of them stopped by to ask

So, how exactly do you say your baby's name?

When I responded with his perfectly normal name, they would all sheepishly grin and say something like, "Oh, right, I, uh, I just thought that . . . never mind."  Some of my co-workers, hesitant to ask, would just say things like

"Congratulations . . . on  your baby . . ." 

and I would say "Thanks!" but I knew that on the inside they were judging me for naming my baby something unpronounceable.

I admit that it gave me a little bit of glee.

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