Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As I've alluded to in the past, TRAX is not always the fastest way to get places when you have to connect from a bus.  A year ago, I took the 200 straight into work because it was faster than catching the 39 to TRAX and TRAX to downtown.  Nobody believed me, because, hey, TRAX!  But it was true.

Then FrontRunner opened, and I started catching the 200 the wrong way down to Murray Central, then FrontRunner to Salt Lake Central.  I figured that, since the 200 to downtown was faster than the 39-TRAX combo I had originally tried, it would be faster just to catch the 200 straight to Murray Central, then FrontRunner, right?

I was wrong.

It's actually three minutes faster for me to catch the 39 to TRAX, then catch TRAX the wrong way to Murray Central, then catch FrontRunner to Salt Lake Central.  This is also faster than catching the 200 straight to downtown.  Holy crap.  Who knew that two transfers could be faster than no transfers?

At this rate, next year it will be faster for me to catch the 228 on 45th South all the way through the U and back to downtown.  Nobody will believe me then, either, but that's okay because I'm used to it.

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