Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Family is all about sacrificing for others.  Now that my family has grown I am learning more and more about sacrificing for them.  Cases in point:

  • I drove on the freeway.  commutergirl had driven us to the hospital (you can do that when you're getting induced, I guess), but she was recovering from emergency surgery and was in no condition to drive back, not to mention it's probably bad form to have the mother drive home anyway.  From University hospital, the quickest way to our house that isn't TRAX involves I-215.  So I bit the bullet; I did it for my wife and child.  I certainly wouldn't have done it if it were just me.
  • I turned left onto 45th South not at a light.  After we got home, commutergirl asked me to run and get a couple of prescriptions filled.  She was not amused when I told her I would just miss the 45 (on a Saturday).  When I was headed back home from the drugstore, I realized that I would either have to make an unprotected left turn back on to 45th South or loop clear around the block to who-knows-where and still turn left at a light.  So I bit the bullet; I did it for my wife and child.  I had to wait a very long time for traffic to clear enough for me to calmly and unhurriedly turn left onto the busy road.
  •  I drove on Fort Union.  Those of you who know me well know that Fort Union Boulevard is against pretty much everything I stand for: an endless line of strip malls and their attendant parking lots stretching off into the void.  There are 4-way stops that don't line up, left-turn lanes that appear out of nowhere and can only contain one car at a time, and more SUV's than even a car dealer could shake a stick at, all without any safe place for pedestrians to navigate.  Not to mention that neither the 72 nor the 213 is particularly awe-inspiring on a Saturday evening.  I would love to have gone on the bus, but it was too late for either of those two buses.  So I bit the bullet; I did it for my wife and child.  This one I'm not going to do again; Baby#2 will just have to go without whatever it is that can be bought on Fort Union.
So there you have it.  I did three things I hate on the same day because I love commutergirl and Baby. I would never make three trips in the car on the same day because I wanted to . . . 

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