Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Dear stupid Provo driver:

The Murray Library is not exactly known for its spacious parking lot.  And it is neither your fault nor ours that the drive-thru book drop faces backwards.  But both of those are reasons you should not, actually, tear around the corner without looking.  It's a good thing commutergirl was looking, because she stopped way before the corner when she saw you coming.

It's also a good thing commutergirl was driving, because if it had been me, I would have given you at the very least a good tongue lashing when you rolled down your window to try to laugh it off.

Driving like a maniac in a parking lot is not something you get to just laugh off, in my book.  If I were in charge, there would be penalties, like having your engine governed at 20 miles per hour for about a week.  Then again, I'm not in charge right now, but don't push your luck--I may be someday.

Slow.  Down.


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