Monday, June 17, 2013


Last week an article appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune about how UTA's ridership is declining despite increasing service.  I thought the article raised some very valid points (I'm not here to excoriate the article today), like COO Jerry Benson's admission that about 30% of express bus passengers in Utah County stopped taking transit altogether after FrontRunner South opened--and his assertion, which I wholeheartedly agree with and have blogged about before, that FrontRunner has picked up new passengers that didn't ride transit at all before, that it has the capacity to expand much more than the express buses did, and THAT IT SERVES EVERYBODY, NOT JUST SOME SPOILED SUBURBANITES WHO ONLY TAKE TRANSIT WHEN IT IS SERVED UP ON A SILVER PLATTER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

(I've been holding that back for months.  Sorry.)

I did think the pictures that went along with the Tribune article were a bit unfair, though.

I was even going to do a blog post about it, saying something like "If I took a picture of an empty freeway at 2:00 p.m. and called it a waste, would you believe me?"

I had to laugh, then, when I pulled up UTA's blog today.  They beat me to it:

Rarely have I seen such a direct rebuttal of a news story (though there was a pretty direct one in response to the preposterous 2News story about the parking garages) by a transit agency.  Are we entering a new phase of the world in which UTA . . . sticks up for itself?  Wild.

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