Monday, July 15, 2013


Dear stupid Provo driver:

If you're going to go, go.

If you're going to stop, by all means, stop.

But please don't keep pulling forward a few inches at a time.  I'll wait for you to go, if that's what you want.  I'll walk briskly across the driveway you're trying to pull out of, if that's what you want.  But I can't deal with this pull forward a few inches, then stop, then pull forward, then stop.  See, your car is rather big and made of metal.  I am comparatively small and squishy.  In an encounter between the two of us, your car would almost certainly win.  So you can understand my hesitation.  But I really don't understand yours.

If you really wanted me to go that bad, you could have waved me across the driveway with your hand.  Lots of cool people do it.  I promise you won't look dorky.  Try it!


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