Monday, July 1, 2013


This was the slogan for one of the bus companies I rode between cities in Perú, back in the day.  Those were some amazing bus rides--soaring views, mountains behind mountains, and the thrill of adrenaline as we came HOW CLOSE to the edge of a huge cliff . . .

It was also apparently the slogan for the 240, two Saturdays ago, when I rode it (the second time).  There were no fewer than four families on the bus that day, including a rollicking family of seven whose oldest child could not be more than 12.

I knew the 240 was a busy bus, but it got a little ridiculous.

It made me think--with the Salt Lake City Council resolving to double transit use by 2020, and everyone worried about air quality recently, a lot of proposals have been tossed around about how to increase transit ridership.   Someone on Facebook recently proposed letting all children 16 and under ride free (instead of the current 5-and-under policy) " . . . to encourage families to ride."  After that trip, I think there might be something to that.  It sure made for a crowded 240 on a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. I agree! I think it should be 10 and under ride free (with an adult), while 18 and under qualify for the half off reduced fare (without an adult). I feel that it would really reduce the need for 16 year olds to be so anxious to drive and also help to build ridership, since teenagers would already be accustomed to riding transit.