Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The next time you're riding a bus and you see a bro with his headphones plugged into his phone, and you're tempted to write him off, just remember that it could be me just having a bro day and listening to this:

I never thought of myself as much of a bro, until I started having conversations with my roommates in college that went something like this:

ROOMMATE: Every guy who works out at the Gold's Gym on 9th East is a tool.

ME: *cocks eyebrow*


or this:

ROOMMATE: Any guy who wears pink polo shirts is a total douche.

ME: I'm wearing a pink polo shirt right now.

ROOMMATE: Except [BUSNINJA], of course.

You get the idea.  Actually, I would make a terrible bro, since I don't ever say "bro," and I never get drunk, and I have a wife and a kid, etc., etc.

But save your judgmental stare for someone else, because I'm surprisingly deep.


  1. The real question here: Do bros ride the bus? Or is the bus outside the realm of the bro? In all my busing experience, I have seen perhaps one or two bros ever. :(

    Also, I thought you'd exceedingly enjoy this. Mostly it's great and astonishing that City Weekly even published something like that.

    1. Well, City Weekly does publish some oddball stuff . . . I would feature it as a Treasure, but I'm afraid she'd start commenting on my blog and never stop.