Friday, July 19, 2013


So, as you may have already figured out, UTA put up the latest changes for August on their website this week.  Rather than burden you with an excess of prose about all of the changes (I have already left comments on an earlier post, if you want to read some of them), I have prepared a graphic that shows just how much the bus service has changed in Provo and Orem since last year.

Click to enlarge
It was prepared in extreme haste, and very probably contains errors.  Forgive me.  Hopefully you can still see that transit service in Utah County has definitely been in the blender lately.  Holy crap.  I'm fascinated to see where it all ends up.  Until then, my Utah County friends, happy traveling on whichever route it is you will be taking now


  1. I used to know how to get around Utah County on the bus system. At least, where *I* needed to go. Then about a month ago I got up my courage to re-learn what I needed to know. I sure hope they figure out what works and stick to it for more than a few months so that those of us who don't ride very often, but who are grateful for the option when needed, can still find our ways around.

  2. I think it should stabilize more or less after this--part of the problem was BYU closing Campus Drive, which happened right as the dust was settling from the FrontRunner opening. But who am I to say? Something else may come along . . . I can always help if you have questions, though :)