Saturday, July 6, 2013


Miss the Bus Day happens every year, but not at the same time every year (indeed, Miss the Bus Day 2012 was technically in early 2013).  Someday, when I am famous against my will, it will be a national holiday; until then, I have to document it here.

Miss the Bus Day 2013 began at Jordan Landing, when, as I have previously mentioned, the line at the store I was shopping at

was so long that I missed the 240 Southbound back to the Red Line.  Instead, I caught it north to the West Valley Central.  When we (many bends in the road and many children later) eventually got to 35th South, I noticed the 35 was right in front of us, and I thought, welp, there it goes.  Who knows how long I'll have to wait?

See, I have three choices to get home when I get to West Valley Central:

Click to enlarge.

All three of them come every 30 minutes on Saturday.  So when I saw the 35 right in front of the 240, I figured I would miss it.  It certainly looked that way when we pulled into opposite ends of the terminal.  However, by running really fast and waving my arms like a crazy person, I was able to hop on the 35 just before it pulled away.  I thought Miss the Bus Day had been canceled.

I was wrong.

When the 35 got to the Meadowbrook garage, I saw the 39 going the other way,

On an unrelated note, can someone explain to me why the Cottonwood Heights Fire Department is apparently in South Salt Lake?  Isn't that rather inefficient?

 which is bad, because the 39 going the other way on the back side of Meadowbrook will shortly become the 39 going the right way on the front side of Meadowbrook.

As you may have guessed from this artfully rendered map, the 39 somehow made it all the way around the block before the 35 made it around the corner.  I had missed it, and would have to wait another half-hour fro the next one. 

What the heck, I thought.  I walked from the Meadowbrook garage to the Meadowbrook TRAX Station--there's a fascinating bridge over the Freeway and FrontRunner.  I then sat in the shelter for the 39 Westbound for a while until the bus came.  A little hot and tired, but with new clothes in tow, I finally made it home.  All in all, not too bad as Miss the Bus Days go.

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