Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Last week there was a rather mean-spirited article in the Tribune that repeatedly attempted to steamroll UTA's rebuttals to earlier articles.  I was annoyed at this, as well as by the fact that the evils of UTA are apparently the most important thing the Trib can report on its front page, so I wrote a scornful response.

I don't think it made much of a difference, considering the tenor of the other 31 comments, but whatever.

My comment received a couple of legitimate responses, as well as this one:

  • This remark would have some credence if you didn't make it on every other thread.
  • I know this is inconceivable to you, but there are people out there who think UTA is doing a good job.  And (yet more inconceivable) some of them don't even work for UTA!  Don't get me wrong, I have a long list of things I want UTA to fix.  But I've ridden transit other places, and I've seen visitors to our fair state absolutely floored by the quality of our transit.  Trust me, it could be much, much worse.
  • Please don't try to damn me with the sophomoric accusation that I "must be . . . paid by the public."  A lot of people are paid by the public.  The guy who mows the lawn at Murray Park is paid by the public.  The people who take care of your streets and highways are paid by the public.  Until you start maintaining your own asphalt and mowing your own parks, among many other public services you think you deserve, you are going to pay for them just like everyone else: with your taxes.  Sorry.
And here's a couple of treasures from Twitter:

  • It's "somehow;" one word.  Capitalize "so."  You may also want to consider a comma after "so."
  • Your implication is clear: you are better than people who take transit.  People who take transit belong to a lower social class than you.  You can barely tolerate that they exist at all, and the fact that you have to subsidize transit with your taxes is just too much.  Allow me to point out that I have a master's degree and work full time.  I wear business casual to work, and I feel underdressed on TRAX in the morning.  I assure you that plenty of people on TRAX in the morning make more than I do.  So I'd appreciate it if you kept your superiority complex to yourself, instead of spilling it forth on Twitter.
  • Where do you think the money to maintain the freeway comes from?  Fairies?
  • I hate to break this to you, but you voted for your state legislator.  Or, if you didn't vote, you have no right to complain whatsoever.  If your state legislator doesn't agree with your views, you should probably also take that up with your state legislator.

  • I'm not sure where you're getting "epitome of unprofessionalism" from this comment, since I would characterize the UTA Twitterperson as "unfailingly polite and professional in the face of an awful lot of stupid."  You are the epitome of a non sequitur, if you are, in fact, even commenting on the right thread.
  • Speaking of which, I'm not wearing pants!
Goodnight all!


  1. You should link them to this post. Nice rebuttals!

  2. I appreciate it! Thanks for reading!

  3. I don't read this often due to a lack of awesomeness on my part, but I am glad to read that you have lost none of your awesomeness , Eric. Your wit is as sharp as ever. Carry on. P.S. We still have your RISK sitting in amongst our games, tremulously holding on to its state of non- ghetto ness while it is surrounded by a ravaged set of Winnie The Pooh Go Fish and a beheaded Munchkin set. Madilynn's destructive tendencies are also as sharp as ever. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for reading! My goal is to get that RISK game back from you before I die. Also glad to hear my fairy goddaughter is still in fine form :)