Saturday, July 27, 2013


There have been an awful lot of treasures on the Trib's website lately, but I think the ones I'm presenting to you today are two of the best.  The first comes from a long line of similar comments made by this individual and others.  Most readers of this blog will be familiar with the sentiment (as it has been hashed and rehashed and rehashed and rehashed ad nauseam infinitum on the Trib's comment pages), but I want to draw your attention to one particular phrase:

This is the same individual who apparently accuses everyone who disagrees with her of working for UTA.

You read that bus service was cut?  You just READ that bus service was cut?


I have been on the receiving end of transit service cuts for years, even before 2011 when all the rail lines began opening.  And a service cut hurts, even when that service is going somewhere else.  No one is more ready for night service to come back than I am.  It affects me at least once a week (less often now that I'm not trying to come back from Provo late at night), though I guess I don't complain about it bitterly enough here for the average Trib commenter to notice.

But I can't abide people who just stand on the sidelines and take potshots.  Actually use UTA, if you dare, and then come back with legitimate, constructive criticism of the system.  Repeating the same vague invective over and over from outside the lines is a cowardly, ineffectual approach to a change that you probably wouldn't recognize when it happened anyway.

And now this:

First of all:




 I sure hope there was nobody on that train, because that would mean that some other foamer got a preview ride and I didn't, and then I would be bitter indeed.

Trust me, there will be people on the Draper Line when it, ahem, actually opens for business.  Even if no new people started riding TRAX at all because of the extension, people would still ride from 12300 South because they can get on there instead of driving to Sandy Civic Center (while Sandy Civic Center will hopefully, as I predicted, accidentally turn into a hipster hot spot . . .).  But, given that every other TRAX opening has drawn crowds during the hours of the day when the freeway also draws crowds, I'm guessing there will be at least a few brand new people who start taking the Draper Line when it opens.


  1. LOL Where did you find the "bleeding the beast" treasure?

    1. It was one of the more recent articles; probably one of the ones about the tax increase. I'd go looking for it again, but I might not come back. Those comment threads are pretty rough.

    2. For real, though. Reading these recent Lee Davidson articles is agonizing enough (it's almost as if he ran out of things to report on after cars stopped colliding into TRAX), but delving into the comments section is like pulling teeth. Did you (or anyone else) ever tell that fiend that those empty trains weren't in service?

      Also: this states that the 473 receives an extra trip inbound. But then you compare this and this. . . Mostly I'm just bringing it up here because I'm sure people from UTA read this. I can't bring myself to use the online comment form.

    3. I've thought about circulating a petition requesting that the Trib fire Lee Davidson, but I'm worried that the Trib would hire someone (like Katharine Biele at City Weekly) who'd write articles regarding UTA that are even more inflammatory! LOL

      (I don't actually want Lee Davidson to loose his job. He's a nice guy and means well, but he just refuses to learn how to write balanced, informative articles about transportation issues.)

    4. OK, UTA people! Spring into action! But seriously, I, too, see the same number of 473 trips before as after. Maybe one got left off, or is a double header? But double headers usually show on the online schedules, at least.

      Our "bleeding the beast" friend was quickly educated about the empty trains being test trains, but the discussion quickly degenerated into "Well, in a few weeks, UTA will be running empty trains for real," and the like. I considered chiming in, but blogging is more fun.

      Also, as I should have mentioned in the post, if this individual actually USED TRAX ON A REGULAR BASIS, instead of just interacting with it through at-grade crossings, he probably would have known those were test trains. I really have no patience for this anymore . . .

      Lee Davidson may well be a nice person when you get to know him, but I'm not terribly well-disposed toward him at the moment. I think if the Tribune fires him he should be forced to do PR for UTA for a while, not because he would be particularly good at it, but because he would have to be on the receiving end of the blind hatred he has helped fan with his recent articles.