Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So I have this friend who works in South Salt Lake and just moved to Roy.  I was ribbing him about his new bus-to-FrontRunner-to-TRAX-to-bus commute, saying he should start a blog to document his exploits.  And then he did.

(always weirds me out when people take my advice)

So anyway, you should all check out The Transit Pirate.

(I may have had a small part in helping him pick that name)

It looks to be a good read so far.

(Granted, there's only one post so far, but good things often come from humble beginnings.  I mean, just look at FrontRunner South!)

He even drew a picture.  This can only be good.

(I should also take this opportunity to mention that there are a few more transit nerds out there than just me.  We really do exist.)


  1. Thanks to your post I had 153 page views on my first day up. Shocked me.

  2. It can't have been all me, I didn't even get that many views yesterday :). But I'm glad I gave you a boost.