Thursday, August 15, 2013


Yesterday our favorite Tribune writer posted a story about UTA on the web.  It's been 26 hours since it first went up, and there are no comments on it.  Not a one (I checked several times today).  How could this be?

Especially when another article was posted at around the same time that garnered numberous comments such as:

"UTA is fundamentally bankrupt, like all marxist based government run "solutions" which compete directly with the free market and offer a grossly inferior product . . . Cut UTA's private army by 2/3rds and the bloated salaries of the communist party bosses at UTA by the same amount."

"I hear the light rail system in Mongolia is having a similar problem. Isn't it about time for the UTA suits to take a fact finding excursion there to view the problem/solution first hand?"

"When are we going to hire the consultant to tell us how to FIRE both the UTA board, and two-thirds of UTA's management???"

(Incidentally, where does 2/3 keep coming from?  I see that number a lot lately.  Is there any actual research behind why 2/3 of UTA management apparently needs to die before we have "good" transit?)

(Fairness requires the observation that there were more levelheaded, reasoned comments on this article than I'm used to seeing.  But still, comments.  There were no comments on the other article . . .)

Then it hit me.  I looked at the title again, and suddenly understood why everybody had commented on one article but not the other.

Do you see it?  One of them says "UTA" in the headline, and the other doesn't.

I trust that's a mistake Lee Davidson won't be making again.

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