Thursday, September 26, 2013


I have written in the past about how every time I move, bus service either gets better around the time I leave or worse around the time I arrive. Consider the following:

-I moved to my first apartment in Provo in 2006. I moved out in 2007. Shortly before I moved, UTA switched the 831 (which came every half-hour) and the 833 (which came every hour) so that the 831 was two blocks closer than before. I took advantage of this for a short time, but I had already planned on moving--to a house near where 831 used to run, and the 833 now ran (nothing runs on 7th East in Provo now, for the record).

-The next time I moved, it was to an apartment near University Avenue, where the 831 was my main connection to campus. Shortly after I moved there, the 831 was switched from 60-minute to 90-minute service on Saturdays, and several weekday trips were cut--granted, I was one of about three people that ever rode those trips, and I still had to walk home from the gym in the evenings, but I still used them.

-My next apartment was my first apartment with commutergirl. It was closest to the 850, which went from 30-minute service on Saturdays to 30-60-60 minute service (it was so hard to keep that schedule in my head that I finally just gave up).

-Finally I moved to where I sit today, at this moment, typing this. Commutergirl and I moved to Salt Lake on August 6, 2011, the day before the Red and Green lines opened. I don't need to tell you what happened to the 45 and 205 (and later the 39) after the TRAX openings, but I will anyway: no service from TRAX after 9:00 p.m. I ran up against that all the time trying to get back from BYU on an 811-TRAX-39/45/200/205 combo; if you timed it juuust right you could miss the last 200 at Murray Central, the last 205 at Murray North, and the last 39 at Meadowbrook by less than 10 minutes on the same train! Hilarious! I got over it. But it would have been easier under the previous service configuration (for me, anyway; I still support the existence of the Red and Green lines).

-Oh, and one more thing: have I mentioned that I graduated five days after FrontRunner South opened? Yeah, that was a good week. Except that it was finals week, and I was also trying desperately to get my master's project finished and turned in; so no, it was actually not a good week.

And then the other day, I was thinking about all the changes that happened in Utah County recently (what, you DON'T sit around and ponder about buses?), and it suddenly occurred to me that the way the buses are now in Utah County would have benefited me greatly:

-It would have been the 830 going right past my place, instead of the 831
-The 830 would have gotten me to Orem faster than it used to
-The 830 would have run later (though the 831 wouldn't have, but the 830 would have made up for it)
-The 831 would have continued north of UVU, which I could have used on many an evening when I needed to get to Orem but the 862 was already done running
-FrontRunner, which would have run later in both directions than the 811 ever did, and would have also accomplished the journey from downtown Salt Lake about twice as fast as the TRAX-811 combo used to (and still does)
-I wouldn't have been forced to arrive at BYU at :27 after and :57 after (neither one ends up working terribly well if you have class on the hour, though :57 is just right when you are playing for a voice lesson that begins on the hour but you don't have to be there to play until the vocalist is done warming up)
-The 831 would have run every hour on Saturdays again--I might have used it more than once a month for this reason

Perhaps it would have been better if I had lived in Salt Lake before and moved to Provo. Then I could have had night service in Salt Lake and FrontRunnerish service in Provo. Of course, that would involve moving to Provo. I may be at a theoretical impasse with that one.

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