Tuesday, September 17, 2013


So, St. George has a transit system.  I was going to ride it on our recent road trip and then blog about it when I got back.

Unfortunately, it doesn't run on Sundays, and it doesn't run on Labor Day.  So this ended up being a post about how I didn't ride the transit system in St. George.

I took a picture of a bus stop we walked by, though.

Very artsy signs.  The smaller sign below has the times on it.

SunTran has expanded in recent years: the first time I saw their map it had three routes that each came once an hour.  I estimate this required two buses.  Now it has four routes that come every forty minutes.  I estimate this takes four buses to do.  Doubling your fleet from one year to the next; not bad.

As we were heading out of town Tuesday morning, we did see one SunTran bus in action . . . it stopped at a stop, which I choose to believe meant someone was patronizing the system.

Until next time, St. George.

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