Monday, September 16, 2013


Tonight's first treasure should speak for itself, I think.  Read on:

  • Ummmmmmmm . . .
  • Ridership can't be down through July "even though" the Draper TRAX Line opened in August.  Something that happened in August can't cause something that happened in July.  That's gotta be, like, Kindergarten physics.
  • Or are you implying that the opening of the Draper TRAX Line had a retroactive negative effect on ridership?  How very postmodern of you.  You may be on to something . . . no, wait; you're not Kurt Vonnegut.  Never mind.
  • How do I put this tactfully--this is the quality of reporter the Trib retained?
 I've been saving the second one up for a while, but I think the first one has finally provided the appropriate context for it:

  • The Salt Lake Tribune "performs analysis" in the same way that my blog "is a syndicated newspaper:" I could say it all I want, but that doesn't make it true.
  • Have you employed statistical process control on UTA's trended ridership, taking into account the combination of external factors affecting choice riders' decision to take transit?  No?  How about a detailed comparison of executive and management salaries and other compensation across a representative cross-section of transit agencies throughout the United States? 
  • (Hint: comparing UTA's service to New York, which has four transit agencies, then comparing UTA executive salaries to Lexington, Kentucky's is not a "representative sample.")
  •  If you disagree with me on this point, I would respectfully ask that you explain the first quote above to me.

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