Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Last month there was a tense couple of days when we didn't have the internet on our desktop at home (and were forced to such drastic measures as having to respond to blog comments BY PHONE . . . ). After the first couple of days of internetlessness, and shortly after spending over an hour with tech support so they would believe me that the problem wasn't that my router was unplugged, or disconnected from the computer, or turned off, I came up with a plan for how to blog on a computer anyway. The next day our internet service was restored, since it was apparently an issue with a box outside our apartment complex (I had to assure the tech support representative several times that I understood I would have to pay for the visit if the technician had to come inside, and that I wasn't going to pursue legal action against the company because I had not been informed of such); but if we are ever internetless again, I know what to do:

Harmon's has free WiFi, right? So I'll just go over there on my lunch hour with my work laptop, buy a nominal item to consume with my lunch that I brought from home (like chocolate-covered raisins! Mmm . . .) and type like mad.

It would mean short posts, but I bet I could do it.

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