Thursday, October 31, 2013


Ten years ago today I was calmly sitting on the 822 on my way to school, reading.  We got to the Gold's Gym on 9th East and about


people got on, because BYU passes were free at that time.  This happened every day, so nobody really thought much of it.

Then, as we were coming down the hill into the Wilkinson Center stop that no longer exists, the bus driver had to slam on the brakes for something.  I don't think I knew at the time, and I certainly don't know now.  The 3,412,654,098,740,654,058 people on the bus who were standing (minus 38 seats) all came dangerously close to toppling over; I think a couple of them actually did, but I couldn't see through the masses of people around me.

The bus driver cracked, "I did that on purpose!"

Someone in the back shouted, "Happy Halloween!"

That is the greeting I pass on to you tonight.  Not just any "Happy Halloween;" that one.


  1. At first, I was like, "Wait. That many people actually thought to use of the few trips on the 822 to get to school?"

    And then I thought, "Oh, wait. That 822."

    Oh, and happy Release-of-Change-Day-Schedules Week.

    1. It was a different world ten years ago . . . *sigh*. The 822 was particularly busy at that time because the other two routes that served the insanely popular Gold's Gym stop were the 833, which came every 45 minutes, and the 820, which came whenever it durn well pleased. The 822 was the only bus you could count on to get you to school before the hour.

      I look forward to our change day banter, as always.