Friday, October 4, 2013


A while back, I was placidly running errands on my lunch hour, when I got back to the bus stop and found this:

I searched for mention of it anywhere in the local news, even among purveyors of news I don't personally approve of, but I couldn't find anything about a line of cans stretching from 100 South to South Temple on State Street (and yes, I did follow the line of cans all the way up to see how far it went).

It was all well and good for me, being young and able-bodied and all, but there was an elderly woman who had to navigate the cans with her little grocery pushcart (I'm really not sure what you call those things) and encountered some difficulty.  I thought about springing to her rescue and . . . moving the can? . . . but she got on the bus before I could get close enough.

I don't think these cans were put here to make it hard for old ladies to get on the 470.  Anybody else have some idea?

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