Monday, October 21, 2013


Much has been made of this article today, I'm sure, so I thought I'd weigh in for just a minute.
First of all, it bears mentioning that, just a few years ago, Utah's transit system was strikingly unpopular.  And now, it's a hit.  I am still surprised at the amount of service, and patronage, UTA has on silly bus routes, even in its current, modestly-reduced state. And amused at how many people around here think buses are abhorrent but trains are the best thing since baby snuggles.

(Baby snuggles are the BEST)

Secondly, I would like to point out that the people who brought the signs saying "LIGHT RAIL KILLS CHILDREN" and brought the coffins and lay in them during the board meeting haven't died (oddly enough).  They're still around.  They still hate light rail; they hate the fact that transit could possibly be competitive for the automobile.  They either want transit to go away altogether or they want it to go back to the shadows (maybe they want to go back to when the bus was empty and they could get a seat anywhere they wanted because they don't like sharing seats on TRAX).  They're still trying to sow tares about the streetcar and the BRT line in Provo (which also, apparently kills children).  They've always been there.  And they'll always be there.  But just because they gang up on the Tribune comment boards from time to time (and it's certainly not just about UTA) doesn't mean they matter.

Thirdly, let's be honest.  Service cuts always suck.  Always.  But how many transit agencies around the country have had to cut service and didn't open 5 rail lines?  All of them.  So . . .

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