Thursday, November 14, 2013

MAP 2.0

A while ago I made a map.

Today I finished updating it.

I had to change a few things, of course.  It turns out that the streetcar is going to be silver, not yellow.  Which means that the "Silver Line" couldn't be silver, so it had to stay orange for now (since the Internets have not told me what color this line shall be).  But I made it very light orange, so that unsuspecting mapreaders will be less inclined to think that it is actually running, however good an idea that may seem, and however well it ties together the junction between Courthouse, Gallivan Plaza, and Library.  I also changed the description of Route 702 from "inactive" to "proposed" since it is no longer the old University Line as it was on the last map, and since I have seen rumors on UTA's social media that such a line is on the docket as early as next year.  This meant I had to take the Ogden streetcar off, since it too has been proposed but with no sort of definite timeline that I'm aware of.

I had a lengthy philosophical debate (it lasted several Brandenburg Concertos) with myself about whether to include the S-Line stations.  The debate went something like this: the streetcar is not technically part of TRAX or FrontRunner, so should I change the title of the map?  I don't really like calling it "TRAX, FrontRunner, & Streetcar."  Also, if there are going to be Ogden streetcars, and downtown streetcars, and lots of other streetcars, can we really show them all on the map?  No; it would have to be a separate, much more geographical map, and the TRAX/FrontRunner map would have to merely hint at the streetcars' existence for legibility's sake.  In the end I gave in to peer pressure and put them on because it seems like that was what everyone else was doing.  Anyway, if other streetcars do come into being, it probably won't be for a little while, so I guess we can keep the S-Line on there for now.

So there you have it.  The map, like its creator, is quite eccentric, but I like it.