Monday, November 18, 2013

MAP 2.1

When I put Map 2.0 up a short while ago, the ever perspicacious Tim suggested a subtle edit to reflect the current state of affairs in the TRAX system:

While this amused me to no end, I should note that I still use Salt Lake Central almost daily, and I still see a whole lotta people pile onto the 2X in the morning.  But it is true that this is the first year since it opened that Salt Lake Central has only had one TRAX line, and that North Temple seems to be where a lot of the cool kids seem to be getting on and off FrontRunner these days (there aren't as many people waiting at Central, but boy those trains are already full when they pull in).

If any of you have gotten it into your heads to send this map to Transit Maps, don't make it this version, please.


  1. As a Green Line regular, I can verify that the cool kids are getting on and off FrontRunner at North Temple. ;)