Monday, November 4, 2013


So this one time FrontRunner was late.

(Okay, it was a lot of times)

When I got to the FrontRunner platform on the way to work, I was met by a man in an orange vest who told me that FrontRunner was dead to us that morning and I should turn around and walk back to the TRAX platform and catch TRAX back the way I had come.

(I checked Twitter and, sure enough, there was a note about it.  Why does it never occur to me to check Twitter BEFORE I get on TRAX going the wrong way?)

Along with several other people, I caught TRAX and patiently rode it all the way to Salt Lake Central.  As we were getting off the train, a fellow several years my junior asked me: "Is that the train going north?"

There were two trains at the FrontRunner platform, and he was referring to the one on the northbound side, so I said, "Yes."

As I walked away from the station I saw him get on the train.  The train doors closed and, to my horror, I watched the train head south out of the station, the way we had just come.

(Dude, whoever you are, I am so sorry.  I really did think it was the northbound train.)

I was a little late for work.  I don't know what eventually happened to him.


  1. Oops. I've done the same thing before. Oh well. I have faith that the universe rights itself over time. ;)

    1. True-maybe something really excellent happened to him later in the day to make him feel better. That thought makes me feel better, anyway.