Monday, December 2, 2013


Recently one of my cousins Facebooked me

There are 39 pages of definitions for "Facebook" on UD.  I could keep going . . .
about going to the Airport on FrontRunner.

I can't say it's unusual--this happens to me through one communication channel or other about once a week.  But when one of my first cousins contacts me

there are still 69 others

so I guess it's no surprise that I was beaten to the punch this time by another cousin.  The conversation isn't really amusing in and of itself, except that it was my cousin who answered the question and touted the benefits of FrontRunner, not me:

I basically just showed up for a few minutes and left

This leads me to wonder if my philoprogenitive attitude toward transit is not all acquired; some of it may be inherited.

Go ahead, cousins
tell me all about it

I know you're out there

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