Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Got a few for you tonight.

Our first treasure comes from a Trib (gasp!) article about how UTA is being used as a model for other transit agencies--which, frankly, it is--to which was appended the following extremely astute comment:

(I think I may have completely weirded out one of my co-workers at a meeting recently when she took something I said seriously.  My sarcasm is only getting drier as I get older.)

  • You are entitled to your opinion about the bonuses; however, you are objectively wrong about the "do nothing" part.
  •  Nothing.
sltrib (gasp!), from an article shockingly titled "Flying Red Eye?  TRAX No Help"
  •  Nothing.
  • Also, nothing.

  • I am standing in front of . . . nothing.
  • Whole lotta nothing up in here.
  • Maybe you should get your eyes checked.  Or your frontal lobe.
 Then there was the time that your local state senator got sideswiped by a UTA bus and tweeted them about it.  Our lovely online commenters had some choice things to say about it

Finally, we have this:
I haven't had much good to say on this blog about Provo, but my respects to Mayor Curtis and the city council for tackling this painful, unglamorous, and extremely important issue.  In honor of this ordinance being passed, I would like to share this:

This is a picture of me eating my hat.  I never thought something like that would happen in Provo.

Good night!

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