Thursday, January 30, 2014


. . . and I fully acknowledge that I am using that term rather loosely with some of you.

Recently there appears to have been some confusion in certain corners of Provo about the purported far-reaching negative effects of a BRT line opening up on a segment of 9th East.  Given that such fears cannot be based on actual experience, I humbly submit in the spirit of long-overdue cultural education that

THIS is what a transportation project that divides a neighborhood looks like:

500 East at I-80, South Salt Lake

Not this:

S-Line at 500 East, Salt Lake City/South Salt Lake
Can you spot the station platform?  Very disruptive!

or this:
Jackson/Euclid Station, Green Line, 820 W. North Temple, Salt Lake City

Let me get this straight--they put in TRAX, but I can still see the other side of the street?  And all the children aren't dead?

or even this:

MAX station, 3300 South 900 East, South Salt Lake.  Notice also how the road is choked with buses so that cars can't even get through . . . wait . . .
In summary:
  • BRT is not going to ruin your neighborhood
  • BRT is not going to kill your children
  • Pedophiles and drug dealers are not going to descend en masse upon your neighborhood
  • One bus every 5 minutes in each direction is not going to turn 9th East into a gridlocked parking lot of doom.
Which is not to say it will have no effect:
  • Fewer people parking in front of your house and walking down your street every time there is a BYU sporting event
  • Fewer cars on 9th East, which makes traffic better
  • Fewer cars on the street in general, since more BYU students will not need to drive into or through town
  • The chance to transport hordes of happy missionaries on the first leg of their journey into the mission field, lowering the MTC's travel budget and freeing up your tithing for other things, like ward activities!
I hope tonight's post has been educational and productive.  Thank you and good night.