Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On my walk to the bus stop I see a decent amount of graffiti and, depending on the wind, an eclectic smattering of litter.  Most days I pay it no heed (as, apparently, does every other resident of the neighborhood), but recently there was a roll of toilet paper in such a position that it surely could not have been blown there by the wind; it must have been placed there deliberately by someone.

As I continued on my way, I wondered why on earth someone would have left a roll of toilet paper sitting out for the world to see.  Was someone carrying a roll of toilet paper, then sat down to rest and forgot to pick it back up?  Was it some kind of strange drug paraphernalia?  Did someone put it there as a public service . . . just in case?  Or was it some kind of edgy urban art?

As this last thought occurred to me, I thought with an impish grin, It is now . . .

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