Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dear stupid Provo driver:

I am used to the judgmental stares in Provo.  I am used to teenagers shouting at me out of car windows and getting honked at while I am walking in a crosswalk.  I understand that I am a transportation sinner, and I'm at peace with that.

But I didn't expect it in Millcreek, especially not in a section of Millcreek in which there are always people walking around--tell me, did you fix the other three people on the sidewalk with the same accusing stare as you did me?  You would have spent an awful lot of time with your eyes off the road to to do that.  People sometimes walk on the sidewalk around here.  Some of them even walk to bus stops.  Some of them (gasp!) get on the bus when it comes by!

(This may come as a shock, but the bus does not solely exist to block you in traffic.)

Or are you just judging me because I'm taller than you?  That makes no sense.

Keep your eyes on the road and your judging to yourself, for whichever arbitrary reason you're judging me.


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