Tuesday, March 4, 2014

806TH POST: THE 806

The 806 was the last of the Utah County expresses to happen before FrontRunner came and took them all away (from Salt Lake--they're not ALL gone). Apparently the route did well enough that when FrontRunner happened the route got split into the 806 and 809, but then it didn't do well enough to stay that way: eight months later the two routes got combined back into the old 806 combination (which began running 4 trips a day each way instead of the 3 on the 806 and 809 before, or the 2 on the old 806--very devious).  More UVU trips also got added, which makes sense, if you think about it: if the bus has to go back to the garage anyway, it might as well carry some college students.

I've never ridden the 806, and I doubt I ever will.  What little reports I have heard suggest that the 806 isn't doing awesome, but it'll probably stick around.  The Lehi FrontRunner station is pretty busy at the right time of day, but I wouldn't bet on Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs' bright transit future involving frequent all-day bus service.

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