Wednesday, March 5, 2014

807TH POST: THE 807

I first became acquainted with the 807 at a public hearing about the 807 and 808 and the 862.  I was mostly interested in the 808, and most of the people there were interested in the 862 (a fact that surprised me, as the 862 was really the runt of the pack back then; this was before we had certain other buses, about which I will discourse at greater length later).  But then there was an 807.  It wasn't really in my neck of the woods, but apparently it did well, as I heard other customers from time to time complain about park'n'ride lots being overcrowded and such.

Like the 805 and 806, the 807 was truncated but not eliminated when FrontRunner happened; stops at Adobe and I.M.Flash were added.  Since that day, the 807 has done . . . well and not well?  I'm not sure.  About half the trips have been cut since the change; on the other hand, this corridor has become more or less an all-day route with the addition of the F868 in the middle of the day.  Adding some UVU trips probably hasn't hurt, either. 

I can't say I've seen a lot of people getting on the 807 when I've seen it at Lehi station.  But there was this one time when I got on the 850 at Provo station and saw that the two people in front of me had passes that said "Adobe" when they scanned them.  Meaning, of course, that they must live in Provo, because it was shorter to catch FrontRunner down to Provo and catch the 850 back north than to just switch to the 850 at Lehi.  No, I didn't keep track; it was a full 850 and I'm not that creepy.

Prognosis: like the 806, the 807 is not currently the hope of the free world.  But it's here to stay.

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