Monday, April 7, 2014


To say that I have gotten out of touch with popular culture would be to imply that I was in touch with it at some time in the past, which is clearly untrue  Nevertheless, intimations of the outside world do sometimes flit about the edges of my consciousness, and occasionally (usually against my will) make it into the inner sanctum of my thought processes.

So it is that recently on the Facebook and in other places I have heard about this movie "Frozen" and a certain song in that movie that has been alternately loved, imitated, parodied, or pilloried, depending on whom you ask.  I still haven't seen the movie, and I made it an awfully long time without hearing that song.  But then this one time I was on FrontRunner . . .

I have already explained at length my feelings on 6-year-old girls singing along elsewhere, so it will not surprise you, dear reader, that I was less than enthused that it was happening to me at that moment.  I gathered what the song was by the repetition of the words


and after about two minutes decided I had heard enough of the song not only to understand everything anybody had said about it on Facebook, but to not need to hear it ever again.

But, you see, I was on FrontRunner . . .

let it go let it go let it go let it go let it go
I was trying to study music, so the distraction proved untenable.  I tried to stave it off by listening to some thick organ music

(Forget key signatures being irrelevant in Scriabin--can we talk about key signatures being irrelevant in Bach?  Modulating to E-flat minor?  Who does that in the Baroque period?)

but when the music ended the singing was still coming from the end of the car.  Take a look at the video: it's 12 minutes long.  That means "Let it go" was on repeat.  I did what anyone else would have done; I went to a different car and studied my music in peace.

Because, you see, FrontRunner is not like being trapped in an eternal winter; you can at least move to a different car.

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  1. While the constant repetition of the song can be a bit irritating, I do recommend that you see the move. There's an outside chance you might like it.

  2. Can I like it begrudgingly? :)

  3. Sure.

    But the song "Fixer-upper" you can wholly like on its own merits, regardless of the rest of the movie.

    Also, don't think I missed the irony in the naming of this blog post, wherein you thoroughly reveal that you did not, in fact, let it go.

    1. I have now seen the second two thirds of the movie. I freely, frankly admit I was moved by the ending. I have now also seen the "How it should have ended" version, which is notable for the "ending" being almost all of the movie. Further thoughts pending if I ever see the rest of the movie.

  4. So. Change day proposals are already out after a whopping three days into the newest change. Fascinating stuff.

    Utah County's third (!) major change day since FrontRunner:
    » The 833 and the 836 receiving the good ol' F prefix is probably a good thing. Though this is the third time the 836's routing will be changed...
    » The 831 as two routes? If the first piece only runs between Orem FrontRunner and UVU, I wonder what the 840's for.
    » I'm guessing the 832's circuitous path around BYU will be discarded in favor of 9th East, but who knows. Maybe they'll actually put a stop or two on 9th East north of King Henry if Christian Nielson doesn't get in the way.
    » Aw yes. The 9. The 17. Returning to their glory days. The routing is infinitely better, and the interlining situation they devised at Medical Center TRAX is pretty ingenious.
    » And, would you look at that: the 45 returns to fifteen-minute frequencies. And another route overlay bites the dust. And Murray North will have only the 205 serving it. Interesting.
    » The 228 is slowly devolving to the old 14. 2300 East is a good idea, but I don't really see the point of serving 3900 South to the park-and-ride. Ending it at the pre-2011 EOL west of Cottonwood Mall is better due to how many apartments line Murray-Holladay Road.
    » Do UTA offices really need to be served by three routes? I feel quite sorry for 41ers bound for Meadowbrook TRAX who have to bear that horrendously circuitous routing. The 41 should be kept as is, while the 39's routing to Meadowbrook should be changed in the schedule to mirror the 832's pre-2012 scheduling to Riverwoods. You know, where the trip from TTC to Riverwoods and back to TTC is all included in the northbound schedule. Yeah, do the same thing for the 39.
    » The F546's changes are smart. But is it really necessary to turn onto 11400 South from State Street just to service Crescent View?

    1. ≥ More changes in Utah County? I can’t say I’m exactly surprised . . . it seems clear that some things have worked out since FrontRunner South opened (the 831, for example, seems to be working a little too well near UVU . . .) and some things have not (*cough* 833 *cough cough* 836). Given that it was the part of the 833 nobody took that turned into the new 833 and 836, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the masses didn’t exactly flock to them right away. The most recent 836 route change gave it the part of the 831 that nobody took, so . . . no real progress, other than that the 831 got put in a more productive part of town. Flex route just might be the right way to go, though. The question I have is, will it be one really long flex route that covers the whole west end of town, or two or more short flex routes that go to specific places? Both could work, I suppose, but then again, they could very easily not work . . .

      ≥ Is the 831 being split into two routes in addition to the 840, or is one of those routes the 840? Sometimes I think that the addition of a very few words, say five or so, to each description could make these change day notices an awful lot clearer. And what might “the interior of the UVU campus” mean? There aren’t a lot of places the bus could go at UVU that it doesn’t already; at least, that wouldn’t be very difficult for a 40-foot bus to turn around in. Or does “the interior . . .” mean the back side of campus where the 831 currently runs? I like maps.

      ≥ The 853 must be doing pretty well to be getting split three ways, or is it four ways? (See previous point.) Though I would suppose that some of that service means new stops for the business park between the FrontRunner Station and the Thanksgiving Point stop, and maybe a stop for the NSA facility? If we’re going to have the NSA monitoring all our comings and goings, we can at least make them take transit . . . though the security for the bus to go into the NSA facility would probably be even worse than for the Hill AFB service.

      ≥ I agree with your assessment of the 832. Its ridiculously circuitous routing around BYU is a holdover from the old 833 that never really got much traction and is now completely unnecessary since the 830 covers that same portion of University Parkway at a higher frequency. It would be so, so much quicker to just go down 9th East to the Temple. But that would bring the demise of the traditional family, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the ascendancy of Vladimir Putin as world emperor. Better not do it.

      ≥ Eheeey! Long live the 9 and the 17! It was a shame they ever got taken off 30-minute service. And I think the proposed routing has more potential than the current “I’ll just go sit in the corner” routing for both routes. I have a hard time believing anyone will object to this proposal, at least. Though we do have some special, special people around here who will lie if necessary.

      ≥ Eheeey! The 45 back on 15-minute service! Though the problem of what to do with the 223/228 in Holladay resurfaces. A few years ago UTA thought they had found the solution; unfortunately, that solution turned out to be the 223, which I assume will still continue running once every two hours on weekdays through all of this. While the 45 coming every 15 minutes is definitely what is best for 45th South, the 228 going all the way to Murray North is kind of the best thing for the 228. 2300 East has poorer access to the neighborhood, but 2700 East has that outrageous gooseneck turn; neither street has amazing ridership potential. So here is another awkward compromise, though this one admittedly favors the better market on 45th South.

    2. ≥ The 45 and 47 going to Murray Central starts to make it sound like more of a hub. It would certainly make my morning commute simpler if the 45 tied directly into FrontRunner. I’m afraid, though, it does increase the travel time a bit from both sides for people who are trying to get to TRAX. If the 205 is responsible for all the DI people at Murray North, we might see some pretty busy 205’s on a Saturday through there.
      ≥ The 227 change appears to be an almost direct reversal of the change made in August 2011 when the Red and Green Lines opened. The 227 went from being the grand tour of the west side to being straight as an arrow—it also went from being a relatively busy bus to being a wisp of cloud. The only difference is that it would go even further out of the way than it used to; it used to just buzz the west side of SLCC on 2200 West instead of going all the way in to the main stop. Curious to see if anyone objects to having the stops on 2700 West taken out between 54th and the Hub.
      ≥ Conspicuously, though not unusually, absent in all these proposals is a discussion of weekend and night service—9? 17? 227? Sunday service on the 45? Night service on the 45? Can the 832 run more than once a century on Saturdays, “to better serve the Brigham Young University Campus and student housing areas?”
      ≥ I can’t imagine both the 39 and 41 taking the same route past the Meadowbrook garage, and certainly not the 35, 39, and 41 all making a loop—the 35 takes bus drivers to West Valley Central to start their shift (or to Redwood, I suppose) and the 39 takes them east to the 200, 205, 209, 213, 220 (or to TRAX to get to a variety of other routes). If the 41 did this loop, there would be no need for the 35 to also do it; if the 39 and 41 were interlined, there would be no need for both to do it. Maybe that’s the reasoning behind it. But the loop would be in the middle of the road for the 41, whereas it is now at the end of the 39. We certainly wouldn’t need all three routes going through there for the UTA office, since the main offices are now next to Salt Lake Central.
      ≥ It would be nice to see some service back on State Street down south there, since there are a lot of offices and such up or going up in the area. Someone trying to get from the South Jordan FrontRunner station would still have quite the journey ahead of him to get to 114th and State via the F514/218 and F546, though. Maybe the F546 could be a loop? Maybe the F514 could be a loop, 3rd West and State Street? Maybe UTA could extend the 218 from the Sandy Civic Center Station down to 123rd on State? That would be a delightfully twisted route, but not necessarily an inefficient one.
      ≥ Maybe it’s just late. See you later.

    3. ¿ Your guess about the 831/840 seems sound. The only thing that saddens me is people along the 831's route south of UVU who wish to connect to FrontRunner at Orem no longer have a direct connection... I can see the entire point of splitting the 831 being to improve the connection at Provo station, but still. Bummer that it's so impossible to create a good connection at both stations (until BRT is a thing down there, that is).
      ¿ I still find myself in utter disbelief that politics is playing a role in the utter lack of a bus stop along BYU's eastern periphery. Telling my BYU friends that there's a stop right next to the Creamery is such a better selling point than saying there's one in the forsaken southeastern corner. Also any time Vladimir Putin is invoked in a change day discussion is a good day.
      ¿ Judging from those nifty maps that were added, 17ers will actually be able to get to 7:30 am classes now. About time.
      ¿ You say that about the 223 now, but watch as come July UTA announces that effective immediately five-minute frequencies will take hold. But in all reality, I hope the 228 doesn't end up as proposed. I can't see very many people at all benefitting from the 228 on 3900 South, but I can see all the benefits in the world of a 228 that continues to service central and western Holladay (aka Murray-Holladay Road).
      ¿ Your point about the 45/47 taking longer to TRAX: I had the same thought. I remember once sitting on the 45 at State Street, silently fuming at the thought of missing my train that was scheduled to arrive at Murray North two minutes from then. But it really doesn't take long at all for the 45 to traverse that little stretch. I don't think the same will be true once it's rerouted to Murray Central, but hey—FrontRunner.
      ¿ The more I think about what UTA is proposing to do what it is to the 41 the more incredulous I get. 41ers from west of Bangerter Highway destined for the Blue or Red Lines already have to endure deviations to West Valley Central and SLCC. Adding that grandiose loop around UTA offices when the 39 already does an okay job with it seems like an exceedingly dismal idea. If the whole aim of the 39/41 change is to have the 39 EOL at Meadowbrook TRAX instead of Meadowbrook garage, the 832 example is a much better way of doing it, in my humble opinion.
      ¿ But, to be positive, last year we were glumly wondering when the days of service restorations would be here. And here they are, maybe a tad faster than I expected. Hopefully restorations will apply to routes that aren't being covered in the change day proposals (ahem... 6, 21, 209, 223, 240, anyone?).

    4. ¥ Twitter said that the point of the 39 ending at Meadowbrook TRAX is to have the 39 and 41 interline, which I certainly support. I have a hard time believing that 41 routing will make it through the public hearings unscathed, though.

      ¥ It's funny--once upon a time the 831 north of UVU was cut because there wasn't enough ridership; now it might be split from the 831 because there's too much ridership! But seriously, I have seen some frighteningly full 831's unloading at Orem. The other thing is, people coming from the south and getting off at UVU will want to keep going, at times, to the back side of campus. It's a pretty long walk from the roundabout to some parts of campus. Maybe the 831 and 840 will interline? And then there could be extra 840s, but at least all the 831s would go through. Only time, and the map, will tell.

      ¥ Yes, let's be positive. Tell you what: if the 223 goes back to 30/60 service, I'll buy you dinner. If the 223 goes to 5-minute frequency, I'll buy you a house.


    They added some pretty illuminating maps for the Salt Lake County changes. The 39 is truncated to Meadowbrook, the 45's operating hours are extended, and three trips are added to a shortened 228.

    1. These maps have answered all my questions. About Salt Lake County, anyway. I suppose the other maps will come to light in due time.