Friday, April 18, 2014


And where was it two-and-a-half years ago?

Near Arena.


  1. I remember watching these signs roll through as I approached Central Station just a few days after I started with UTA, almost 2 years ago. I think they were old then, because they use the same rolling tape technology that the buses had way back when.

    The Red and Green lines (and Blue lines on Saturday) don't have them. They have an electronic sign in the front window that has either a red or green (or blue) rectangle flag to indicate who they are. If you look in your photo from 2.5 years ago, you can see it; it's in the bottom left corner of the window. Apparently, the photo you took was of a Red Line. I think now they also say Red or Green on the header, but I'm not positive.

    Also, the signs on the platform indicate the departure times for each of the next 3 trains, which should give some indication of what's coming. And the PA system announces "this is a _____ line train to ______." each time the train pulls up.

    1. I believe there is also a sign in the side windows of the new cars (red/green) that say "Red" or "Green," but I can't see them in the photo, because the angle of the photo makes the windows opaque.