Thursday, May 15, 2014

822TH POST: THE 822

The 822 was the one that started it all.  If by "it all," you mean, of course, this whole weird obsession with transit that even I don't quite understand.  The 822 was the first UTA bus route I ever rode.  Of course it was a bit different back then.

Mind you, the map hasn't changed that much--there was the extension to the southern end of Payson, the one to UVU, the one all the way to Santaquin, and of course the death of the BYU bus stop.  As I already went into detail about in the last post (and that was supposed to be the short version . . .) the 820 and 822 used to go to BYU all day, but now the 820 doesn't exist and the 822 only runs to BYU and UVU during rush hour, while the 821 runs to the Provo FrontRunner Station all day.

One nice thing about the current system, even if you're trying to get to BYU in the middle of the day (just kidding; probably nobody wants to do that anymore) is that the bus goes all the way to Payson at least once per hour on weekdays.  Back in the day the schedule from Payson used to be


and from BYU


it was a little nuts (though still faster than the pioneers went).  Of course it wasn't that bad if you could also catch the 820, but for those of us living on the edge getting around during the day was a bit touch-and-go.  And, of course, it would be nice if the 821 ran more than once every two hours on Saturdays.  But I beat a dead horse.

I haven't taken the 822 either, as it would be even more impractical for me to take the 822 than the 821.  But from what I've heard (I haven't severed all ties with BYU) it's pretty full during the hours it does run.  Who knew that south-countyers would be some of BYU's most devoted riders?

My sentiments are that currently, with the extreme diminution of BYU's ridership, the 822 is probably enough.  But maybe someday when BYU becomes a thing again we could have both buses running all day in glorious offset-synchrony, or perhaps meeting from two different origins at a handsomely appointed transfer point somewhere in Spanish Fork, then diverging to Provo Station and BYU.  At least, I probably won't ride a bus called "822" again until something like that happens.

Not because I have a moral objection to the current service.  Just because I have a regular job now.

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