Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear stupid Provo pedestrian:

Apparently you have noticed, as I have, that UDOT put in some medians on State Street recently.  I haven't inspected them at close quarters, but they appear to be less than a foot wide and rounded on top.

Allow me to educate you a little bit about the purpose of these medians.  They are meant to keep cars out of the middle lane except for right where they are supposed to turn.  Most people don't like them.  But the data has shown that they keep people from getting in quite as many accidents.

They are not, in fact, meant for standing on.

Which is why, when you stood on one the other day, you were tipping over and flailing your arms for balance.  All while three lanes of traffic whizzed by on either side of you.

This is stupid.  Especially when the nearest crosswalk is only about fifty feet away.

I will never understand this.  It takes less time to walk to a crosswalk and wait for the light to change than it does for people to dart across multiple lanes of unsympathetic traffic, then stand on the median for an extended space of time until the unsympathetic traffic clears, which is usually when the light changes anyway.  Especially when that median is small and almost impossible to stand upon.

It won't kill you to do it my way.  It came close to killing you to do it yours.  The next time you think, think about that.



  1. I KNOW RIGHT. Honestly, I think it's stupid people like this that caused the ridiculous pedestrian cross-walks to be put in, *between* short blocks on the same street much further north (south temple to about 4th south in slc)--crosswalks whose lights and bells and whistles very few over-taxed drivers manage to see because there is sooo much traffic, and sooo many lights, and so much other crap going on up there.

    1. I'm pretty sure I've never even used one of those mid-block crosswalks--I've seen too many people come thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to getting hit.