Tuesday, June 17, 2014

830TH POST: THE 830

Here is where it starts getting interesting.

The 830 I knew and loved (most of the time) was after the East Bay days but before the FrontRunner days; back when the bus ran through BYU campus, but after it stopped going all the way out to 9th East before pulling into campus.  The 830 as I knew it stopped almost four blocks away from where I used to live; the current 830 stops less than a block from there today.  The 830 runs earlier and later than it used to, though it certainly doesn't carry as many people around BYU as it once did.

I remember once taking the 830 with a friend at about 1:15 in the afternoon, back in my pre-mission days when the bus passes were free.  I was expecting a fairly empty bus, in congruence with my experience on the 820 and 822, which were quiet at that time of day.  I was wrong.  Even at that traditionally off-peak hour, nearly all the seats were taken by happy BYU students.  I backed off my righteous indignation (that I had, even back then) that the 830 came so often and the 822 didn't, because I recognized that the 830 was the superior bus by far, at least at that time of day.  Other friends told me stories bout the 830 being so full that one more person literally could not squeeze on.

Then there was the time, in between semesters, when I got on the 830 one evening and was the only person between the Transit Center and 700 North, at which point I got off and there were no passengers on the bus.  Lest the driver question his purpose in life, I thanked him for driving that night even though I was the only one using the bus.

How's it doing these days? Fine, as far as I can tell. I haven't ridden it at too many crazy times lately, but the times I've ridden it since FrontRunner opened it certainly hasn't lacked for interesting people. The real question for the future of the 830 is whether BRT in Provo and Orem will


get off the ground--if so, the 830 will become the coolest route ever.  If not, it's okay; I'll still take it.

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