Wednesday, June 4, 2014


As seems to happen every so often, the kindly elves that construct our roads for no charge have decided to redo a portion of State Street again; which in this case meant that both directions of travel were restricted to a single lane, and this in the vicinity of the I-80 interchange, where there is never traffic congestion; no, never., even though this is really my intellectual property--isn't it? What did that license agreement say, again?

But, you are saying to yourself.  But, BUSNINJA, why do you care?  You weren't driving a car down State Street.

You are correct.  I was not driving.  And if everyone else hadn't been driving there would have been no traffic jam on State Street this morning.


  1. Just wait until you see what's happening on Redwood Road near North Temple. The 217 won't be on time for the foreseeable future.