Saturday, July 26, 2014

834TH POST: THE 834

Say!  Here is something new!

I wish I had eleven, too! And, for once, I'm not talking about a bus route.
A bus route that hasn't changed its route since it was born!

Also maybe the simplest route to draw ever.
I take this to mean that the 834 is doing the best of all the "little routes" that were created when FrontRunner South happened back in December 2012.  (Though the 842 hasn't changed either, but seriously, have you ridden the 842? More on that later.)  I have ridden the 834 a handful of times since then, and it's rather a charming little route.  It was fun to see all the places where there weren't bus stops before and see people getting on and off there--I myself have used the stop at 3700 North once, though I almost perished climbing the hill up into the neighborhood.

(I may not be in the greatest of shapes right now, but I maintain that that hill could slay even a practicing triathlete, if only briefly.)

Uncuriously unbusy were the stops in front of Raintree and Wyview. Back when the 832 stopped there and BYU was a thing, those stops were the scene of much merriment and conscientious usage of transportation on the part of BYU students.  Now they feel curiously out of place, as though having a stop there is a formality, a memorial of the old transit service, may it rest in peace.

The only things keeping the 834 from being my favorite bus are that it only comes once per hour and only runs until 6:30 p.m. No more late evenings at Borders for me!

(I realize that it's no longer a Borders; I realize that nobody from BYU would have any reason to ride the bus to Riverwoods anymore; I realize that I no longer live in Provo and would personally have no reason to ride the bus to Riverwoods anymore; but that last sentence is still true. I enjoyed my late evenings at Riverwoods when I was single and no one loved me.)

I don't worry about the 834 the way I do about some of the routes in Utah County, but it still has a ways to go before reaching the glory (or past glory) of other routes in the region. Of course I'll be fascinated to see what happens.

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